Why Visual Discovery for Podcasts? Part 1

If I were to ask you what is common about the weekdays and the weekend coming out of this lockdown, you may agree that it is extended work timings and that working on the weekends has become the norm.

But in the world of self-learning or of sheer entertainment, there exists the proverbial exercise of soliciting podcast recommendations on Twitter from complete strangers on both weekends and weekdays.

So, let us give you an intro to the Visual Discovery guide for Podcasters brought to you by Discovery of Ecleia.

What we are attempting to do here is to create a podcast persona aligning with the 16 themes which we have created by drawing inspiration from the cities of India.

The inspiration behind merging travel locales with templates

This brings us to the next question why would a travel magazine or even an aspiring travel platform do this?

Even if we may be recovering from the effects of a pandemic we still have the means to explore other cultures or ways of thinking and that’s exactly what listening to podcasts or scrolling on social media does for you.

Or as seen on Twitter below:

To me, #SocialMedia is a form of travelling. It transports me to faraway places, and I get to talk to people in other towns and countries. #CultureTrav

By @DoroLef

There is also the practical aspect of having the templates to merge with the design sensibility of the magazine. This is where the themes and the branding questionnaire come in — it makes it easier for us to align our content in the long run on social media or otherwise.

The process break-down:

We have made 16 unique themes from which we will fashion the templates. A good analogy to use here would be that of a postcard. I agree that postcards are antiquated, but still, there is a thrill attached to receiving a postcard or rediscovering one after some time has passed by.

Here’s the first theme that the team at Ecleia has painstakingly developed.

Dusky Manali

The inspiration behind this being the summer escape of Manali. Although I have to admit I have not been here. And why would we call it Dusky Manali?

Simply because Manali at Dusk is a tremendous sight if you don’t believe us check it out over here:

White Alabaster

Why would we choose to call the above theme White Alabaster? In part because it reminds of white marble-like the one seen in Taj Mahal or of the foamy beach waves that snuggle up against your toes. Alabaster also symbolizes excellence.

That brings us to the next question, which is your element of choice.

My choice is clay because you can work with it or maybe alabaster could also be in a stand-in.

Interestingly, the marble wouldn't be my choice because I have unpleasant memories of being made to walk barefoot in Agra inside the Taj Mahal, and was it scorching hot! #travelnightmare

The elements are:

Snow, Clay, Rock, Cotton, Marble, Bubblegum

Pink Skies and Oceans

How can we not be influenced by everyone's favorite color of the skies and no, it’s not blue it's pink. Cliched much, we think not. Also, I would like to add it's not the sunset but the color of dawn that really hits me.

So, if I were to ask you to choose your element again from the above exercise, what is it going to be?

My second choice would be bubblegum, maybe it's because I am a millennial. Another cliche. Also, I wear my hair in side parts.

Pondy — the city of my inspiration

The colors in the Pondy theme may blend Indian Maximalism and one might rightly expect French Minimalism, but for the city with colonial roots nay, I would say a hangover; the pairing of bold yellow with pink or a building painted in burnt orange is what really inspired me to set off on this visual discovery path.

Travel writers this is a question just for you!

Where do you draw the most inspiration from?

(Sorry the picture is a bit blurred)

I would go with the cafe and I have to blame the cafes at Pondicherry for that.

So, here’s an insider tip for you my reader. If you want to have the best view of the Church of Our Lady of Angels, you should head to the rooftop dining of Le Chateau in Pondicherry. The view is just amazing.

Before we bring Part 1 of the series to an end; I would like to add that one simply cannot talk about traveling and podcasters in the same breath and not bring up Cheryl Strayed. If you have doubts if these places in India still have relevance in the design world, then I would like you to familiarize yourself with this work of Cheryl Strayed — The Future has an ancient heart. Cheryl Strayed sounds like a dream podcast guest or a host, wouldn't you agree?

In the next part of the visual discovery series we will cover how we create the branding guide for the podcast along with the ethos of the project and of Discovery of Ecleia in general. We will also give very many examples of templates. Stay tuned!